Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Your Face Needs Exercise

face needs exerciseYour face needs exercise. Everyone knows about the importance of exercise. Obesity is a global problem due to over eating and not exercising. No one doubts the need for exercise, but few people actually do it!

But, something that most people don't know, is that our face needs exercise too! Yes, you read that correctly. Our face needs exercise too. Just take a look in the mirror and look closely. You will see lines, excess fat, wrinkles, sagging skin etc.
People think there is nothing they can do to improve their facial appearance. Or, at least they think there is nothing they can "afford" to do. Laser treatment, botox and other methods are all so expensive. And if even if you can afford those types of treatments, the long term results of using chemicals and drugs to improve your looks can be disastrous.
The simple solution for a younger and better facial appearance is Pravinia style Vshape face massage. In other words, your face needs exercise, so give your face what it needs.  With a 90 minute facial treament from Pravinia staff, you will see immediate results. The Pravinia style face lift massage includes so much more than just the massage (exercise) which your face needs. You will also enjoy the experience of skin care cleansing, toning and mask treatment with products which contain Nobel Prize winning ingredients.

One common reason people don't exercsie at all can be due to lack of time. Don't let that stop you from giving your face the treatment it deserves. Group Pravinia has staff that can accommodate your busy schedule or even go to your home, if you prefer.  Their office is conveniently located near BTS Ekamai and yes, the prices are very affordable. Call for your appointment now.

Special "Face Needs Exercise" HOTLINE: 086-272-7171 or LINE: rickray

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